Monday, August 13, 2007

Independence day?

We are celebrating 60 years of INDEPENDENCE...........though we have got freedom,
but have we really improved with time?

Are we absolutely free from the shackles of castesim?
Have we really abolished child labour?
Are our systems free from corruption?
Is it safe to walk on an empty street be it day or night?
Have we got all our population above the poverty line?
Does every child have the right to education and stomach full of food?
Are we free from slavery?
Is there actually NO reservation or quota in our educational institutions?
Is a Female foetus protected from being aborted even before she arrives?
Is there really equality between the sexes?
Then I wonder What are we celebrating our Independence from?


Balvinder Singh said...

Very well written Chitra. The irony is that while on one hand the food production has increased, the hunger has also increased on the other, while the spread of education has gone up with some states claiming 100% literacy, the ignorance has increased manyfolds. It is realy surprising that with all the progress taking place at a fairly fast pace in our country, the curse of communalism, casteism, dowry deaths, female feoticides and other such vices have not gone away but instaed have increased with the passage of time. The reason is that while the people are responsible for the growth of the economy,the leaders are responsible for the growth of the evils.

Gunz said...

Heeyyy - the stock markets are going crazy atleast!!! Thats an improvement!!!