Wednesday, December 10, 2008


The seriousness and commitment of becoming a Parent is absolutely lost. Yesterday there was a news item which said " Haryana woman becomes world's oldest mom at 70"
I am surprised that in this day and age also there are people who want to have kids at such an old age. Just concieving and delivering a kid does NOT make you a good parent there are so many other things that go along with it have to be there for the child when its a toddler to when it grows up reasonably and is able to handle things by itself.
If you are toddling and tottering yourself how are you going to take care of this infant.
Is it fair to have a child just for the sake of letting the world know you are able to procreate ( even though its assisted) without thinking about the future of the poor child ...............
I think in this case the person going in for the IVF( in vitro fertilzation) is not to blamed, they has not been well advised about this .
It is the educated Doctor who has assisted in this process who should be brought to the gallows for actually suggesting and doing such a thing especially knowing how old the couple are'
I know money is important but when will we understand that it is not more important than the life of a little child who will very soon be left to the mercy of others .
Having a baby normal / assisted at 35-40 itself is very labourious and tiring process then how do these parents plan to take care of their 'Waaris'
I wish more NGO's and other social organisations placed in the Rural belt of India take this up and I also wish that the Doctors practsiong there can see beyond the financial angle and look at the welfare of the poor kid who is coming into this world thanks to them.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

TO DO Or NOT TO DO an ABORTION that is the question.

I am absolutely amused and appalled at the absolute apathy people have to the case of NIketa and Harsh a couple who wanted to take the right path and go legally for an abortion of their 26 week old foetus.
All those idealists who keep proclaiming in their articles and Blogs that a child is a Gift of God and no one but HE has the power to keep or kill it .............I am sorry that in this day and age you have such archaic thoughts.
Especially when we have medically advanced so much and have so many tests to tell us everything about a foetus from its sex to the diseases that it will carry to how it is formed any deformities etc.Frankly why do we need these test if we have to lump whatever it is ....I am surprised that none of the Medical fraternity had the courage to stand up and speak.
What surprises me is that the Court agrees to an abortion if it can harm the MOTHER ...........what more worse harm can a mother face than to have to day in a day out see a child who will never be able to enjoy the world like a complete whole person there is no bigger torture.
And for those of you who fight saying that so many children have been born with these kind of disabilities and birth abnormalities and have still survived, I would like to know the statistic and I would also like to know in how many cases the parents knew about it before hand and still accepted it as a GIFT of GOD.
In the movie "Bruce Almighty" GOD says if I had to solve all your problems they would have never get solved, that's why I have given YOU the ability overcome the problems by your own self.
Why can't we for once have a legal system where the Goddess of Law has her eyes open so that she CAN see the facts instead of having to use only 4 senses...............

Monday, July 28, 2008

Stereotyping Women?

Hey,what's with this National Women's commisson making a move to banning Ads stereotyping women selling Washing machines and Fairness Creams. from when did such banning bring down the cases of violation of women's rights?..............
Actually i think the whole situation is pretty wharped ..............the problem does not lie with the advertiser or the viewer it lies with US women.
We feel that if a particular product is shown with a Woman propogating it that it is Violating Woemns right's ....................But frankly arent we the one's who are actually using the washing machine at home and arent we the foolish ones who want to become FAIRER for our better halves, then in what way is it VIOLATION?
And the how can you confidentally say that because we are not using woman to sell these products THEY (ie the women) will not be the ones ultimately using it .................
There has to be some logic in what we fight for ...........
I beg to differ about those who say Women have been suppressed for years....... this is like the reservation issue ...............for how long do we have to give special preferences to women to help them come up .............we as women must fight against such situations. When we are fighting for equality in all spheres of life be it at Work or Home to actually get taken in by such political gimmicks
is ridiculous.
If the National Women's Commison really wants to do something ask them to do it against Girl feoticide , against child marraige , for educating a girl child , frankly even againt the absolutly attricious presentation of Women in Serial and Shows on TV and Films...........
by doing so we will be able to change the MINDSET of people and thats whats most essential .........looking at things with a Diffrenet Mindset, to get out of the Traditonal mould and then they would have made a DIFFERENCE.