Monday, August 13, 2007



The most hopeful and tragic think in our life is 'waiting'.
...........the child waiting for its parent who has gone shopping promising him some yummy goody
...........the newly wed bride waiting for her husaband to come home from work
...........the mother waiting for her child to return after a long day at school
...........the father waiting for his salary to be credited into his bank account

Waiting for a new morning which heralds the begining of a new day
Waiting for a call from your lover after a night spent in his thoughts
Waiting for a mail from your parents to know all is well and how much they love you
Waiting for a big hug from your little baby
Waiting for appreciation from your better half for a good meal cooked
Waiting for your friend to call and say how much they value your friendship
Waiting for a pat in the back from your boss

We can also wait for the most mundane of
Waiting for a hot cuppa tea
Waiting for the pressure cooker to whistle
Waiting for the washing machine to finish
Waiting for the rice cooker to switch off
Waiting for water to come to have a bath

We humans have this enormous ability to WAIT as we are always hopeful ..then
Why is it that when we can patiently wait for all these things to finish their cycle ,
We dont seem to have the same level of patience to wait for life to just go on.....
there we always seem to be in a hurry
We want instant messages,instant food,instant treatments,instant gratification,instant dating also .............
When will we learn to just wait ,sit back and relax and take things as they come.

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shuuuu said...

...... the wait will seem longer if u think about it ... a wait can be sometimes the weirdest but best feelings ever ..... waiting is and always will be a choice .. so instants ... came because some chose not to wait .... and personally the mundane things .. that make us wait bring us more joy than the ones that are personal