Wednesday, December 10, 2008


The seriousness and commitment of becoming a Parent is absolutely lost. Yesterday there was a news item which said " Haryana woman becomes world's oldest mom at 70"
I am surprised that in this day and age also there are people who want to have kids at such an old age. Just concieving and delivering a kid does NOT make you a good parent there are so many other things that go along with it have to be there for the child when its a toddler to when it grows up reasonably and is able to handle things by itself.
If you are toddling and tottering yourself how are you going to take care of this infant.
Is it fair to have a child just for the sake of letting the world know you are able to procreate ( even though its assisted) without thinking about the future of the poor child ...............
I think in this case the person going in for the IVF( in vitro fertilzation) is not to blamed, they has not been well advised about this .
It is the educated Doctor who has assisted in this process who should be brought to the gallows for actually suggesting and doing such a thing especially knowing how old the couple are'
I know money is important but when will we understand that it is not more important than the life of a little child who will very soon be left to the mercy of others .
Having a baby normal / assisted at 35-40 itself is very labourious and tiring process then how do these parents plan to take care of their 'Waaris'
I wish more NGO's and other social organisations placed in the Rural belt of India take this up and I also wish that the Doctors practsiong there can see beyond the financial angle and look at the welfare of the poor kid who is coming into this world thanks to them.

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