Sunday, August 10, 2008

TO DO Or NOT TO DO an ABORTION that is the question.

I am absolutely amused and appalled at the absolute apathy people have to the case of NIketa and Harsh a couple who wanted to take the right path and go legally for an abortion of their 26 week old foetus.
All those idealists who keep proclaiming in their articles and Blogs that a child is a Gift of God and no one but HE has the power to keep or kill it .............I am sorry that in this day and age you have such archaic thoughts.
Especially when we have medically advanced so much and have so many tests to tell us everything about a foetus from its sex to the diseases that it will carry to how it is formed any deformities etc.Frankly why do we need these test if we have to lump whatever it is ....I am surprised that none of the Medical fraternity had the courage to stand up and speak.
What surprises me is that the Court agrees to an abortion if it can harm the MOTHER ...........what more worse harm can a mother face than to have to day in a day out see a child who will never be able to enjoy the world like a complete whole person there is no bigger torture.
And for those of you who fight saying that so many children have been born with these kind of disabilities and birth abnormalities and have still survived, I would like to know the statistic and I would also like to know in how many cases the parents knew about it before hand and still accepted it as a GIFT of GOD.
In the movie "Bruce Almighty" GOD says if I had to solve all your problems they would have never get solved, that's why I have given YOU the ability overcome the problems by your own self.
Why can't we for once have a legal system where the Goddess of Law has her eyes open so that she CAN see the facts instead of having to use only 4 senses...............


Balvinder Singh said...

I agree with you Chitra. Parents should be given full right to decide whether they want to have the baby after finding out that it will not be able to live a normal life. A baby with deformities will not only go through hell itself but will also make the life of its parents an agony. The other day i almost came to tears after watching on TV the two sisters who are joined at the head. Salman Khan was attending to their feeding etc , may be as a publicity stunt. The surgical operations of such cases are rarely successful. If their parents had known the condition of the twin sisters before their birth, they could have prevented it ratehr than see them suffering in this way.

Balvinder Singh said...

Hi Chtra, I have left a Tag for you on my blog. Please pick taht up and start writing down. Your Blog has been lying drment since long.